Market Update April 3, 2024

March 2024 Insights: Navigating the Coachella Valley Real Estate Market

March 2024 Coachella Valley Real Estate Trends: A Vibrant Landscape Emerging

As spring blossoms in Coachella Valley and we wrap up March 2024, the local real estate market reflects the season’s vibrancy with its own dynamic changes. March has seen a range of activity that continues to shape the market’s direction, responding to an evolving economic climate, the nuanced dance between buyer and seller interests, as well as outside market factors such interest rates, and the announcement of the proposed NAR settlement.

Across The Coachella Valley

Sale Prices March 2024

Single-Family Homes: Adapting to a Seasonal Shift

The single-family home market across Coachella Valley is showing an adaptation to the seasonal shift. Median sales prices have found a sweet spot, with Palm Springs seeing a nuanced adjustment to $1,140,000 (down 5% from Feb) in March. This slight recalibration indicates a market that’s adjusting organically to both macroeconomic factors and local demand. The sales-to-list price ratio remains strong, hovering near the asking price with a valley wide average of 99.9%, demonstrating sustained confidence in property values. The Months of Supply Inventory (MSI) for single-family homes has attained a balance at around 4 months, signifying a market that’s neither too tight nor overly saturated. It’s a sign of opportunity for both buyers, who have a healthy selection to choose from, and sellers, who retain leverage in pricing.

Condos: The Blossoming Sector

Condominiums in the valley are looking at the spring blooms in the mountains and are acting in-kind, with the median sales price in Palm Springs climbing to $459,000 up 5% from last month. This sector’s growth is underpinned by a 27% jump in homes sold in Palm Springs, mirroring the broader appeal of more affordable, flexible living spaces. Even as the average sales price per square foot increases, suggesting buyers’ willingness to invest in quality, the market is accommodating, not pushing buyers or sellers to rush decisions. 

Market Momentum: Gauging Pace and Preference

The overall market momentum is palpable, with properties spending an average of 65 days on the market. It’s an indication of a market that’s active yet not hasty, where transactions are measured and deliberate. This tempered pace allows for negotiations that can satisfy both parties without the frantic energy of a seller’s market. Properties that are priced to sell, with amenities buyers desire can still see multiple offers and sub double digit days on market.

The Surge of New Beginnings

As is characteristic of the season, new beginnings in the form of listings have made their presence felt. With 935 new listings valley wide, the market is abuzz with options, enticing potential buyers with a variety of choices and signaling seller optimism about the market. It should be noted that valley wide inventory did dip down -12.69% to 2,064 available units from February.

Reflecting on Pricing Strategies

Pricing strategies are adapting with small changes in median and average sales prices throughout the valley. These gentle shifts show a market that’s flexible and quick to respond to the economy and what buyers and sellers want but is still strong. On average prices are still up year over year, with small decreases seen month over month. Rancho Mirage holds the largest swing with a 14% drop from last month. No evidence of the proposed NAR settlement was seen in March’s numbers.

City By City March 2024

Palm Springs:

Alongside the median sales price, Palm Springs single-family homes witnessed an absorption rate indicating strong market demand. The average days on market, however, saw a noticeable decrease to 55 days, suggesting a quicker turnaround for sales. On the condo front, the number of units sold rose to 53, and the average price per square foot increased, underscoring a consistent appeal in this sector.

Cathedral City:

In Cathedral City, the new listings for single-family homes remain steady, showing seller optimism, while the average days on market decreased slightly, indicating an efficient market. Condos saw a decrease in the number of homes sold and an 11% increase in inventory, which may create opportunities for buyers looking for options without the competitive pressure.

Rancho Mirage:

Rancho Mirage’s single-family homes are not just holding their value but have also seen an increase in the number of homes sold to 44, reflecting a healthy buyer interest. For condos, the price per square foot held firm, demonstrating a consistent market value even with softened median prices.

Palm Desert:

Palm Desert’s market showed an increase in homes sold for single-family residences, indicating sustained or growing demand. Condo sales also saw an uptick in volume, with 70 units sold in March, suggesting an active market with competitive offerings.

Indian Wells:

The luxury market of Indian Wells saw single-family homes selling more quickly, with average DOM decreasing, a sign of continued demand for high-end properties. Condos in this area alsoexperienced an increase in absorption rate, pointing towards a faster-paced market compared to the previous month.

 La Quinta:

La Quinta’s single-family home market remained vibrant with an increase in the average price per square foot, indicating rising property values. The condo market also showed increased activity with more new listings, providing a wider selection for prospective buyers.


Indio’s single-family home market displayed resilience with a drop in average days on market, hinting at a faster-moving market. For condos, the sales to list price ratio reached almost 100%, revealing that properties are selling at or near the asking price, reflecting a balanced market dynamic.

Spring’s Promise in the Real Estate Market

The March 2024 Coachella Valley real estate market is full of promise, as indicated by the balance of the MSI and the steady pace of sales. The landscape is primed for both buyers seeking value and sellers looking to capitalize on a market that appreciates well-positioned properties.

In navigating this vibrant market, informed decisions are key. Stakeholders equipped with insights into the monthly ebb and flow will find themselves well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities that spring brings.

As the season progresses, the Coachella Valley’s real estate market promises continued diversity in its trends, with some areas showing robust growth and others steadying. Whether you’re contemplating entering the market or considering listing your property, the current climate is opportune, with the increased new listings providing a spectrum of opportunities. Stay with us for the latest updates and thorough analysis, and let’s navigate the lively Coachella Valley real estate market together with confidence and clarity.